I had trouble lighting the fire in the fireplace which was embarrassing

When my wife and I got a really nice house, we found a place that had a fireplace.

This was really exciting but my wife was making fun of me.

She said I probably didn’t even know how to start a fire in the fireplace. I told her I knew how, but we had to maintain the fireplace properly before using it. I said that chimney fires are very risky and the chimney would have to be cleaned out by a professional. So after I had that done, that’s when she said she was waiting for me to get the fire going in the fireplace so we could snuggle up in front of it and watch a romantic movie. I was down for that, but admittedly, I was struggling with building the fire. I felt like an idiot and finally my wife said she would take care of it. She said her father used to take her camping all the time and you had to get some kindling under the logs to get them going. It was interesting how she stacked all the logs neatly and the fire lit up without any trouble when she took care of everything. She taught me some things that day about how to get a fire going in the fireplace, but we had such a great time that I forgot all about that. More recently, I installed a new smart thermostat which I really appreciate. It’s nice being able to adjust the temperature control settings remotely, especially when you’re using the fireplace. The temperatures swing up and down a little bit depending on how the wood is burning, but everything is a breeze with the new thermostat and being able to adjust the temperature control settings on the drop of a dime.

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My niece and nephew really enjoyed the air conditioning at our home

When my niece and nephew came over to visit, they were pretty shy.

It was understandable because we hadn’t visited in a long time.

My brother wanted to go out with his wife on a little trip for a few days, and we offered to look after their little ones. I kept asking them what they wanted to do, but they would just shrug. I asked them if they wanted to color in coloring books and they said “sure.” I had them coloring and they were having a blast just doing that. I noticed that they always would relax at the dining room table while just enjoying those books. I prepared them their meals regularly and made sure they were happy. It was strange though, even when I asked if they wanted to watch a movie, they just wanted to remain at the table and color. When I asked them why they wanted to stay in the dining room all the time, they admitted it was because of the cooling air coming from the HVAC vent above. They were right, that was one of the most comfortable locations. Then I told them there was another HVAC vent above the couch in the living room. When they went to check it out, they found their new favorite spot to relax! They watched all kinds of children’s movies like Moana and Shrek, and they actually had a wonderful time. We were able to bond a little too when I took them to the park, but they wanted to get back shortly because they missed being comfortable with the air conditioning.


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I bought a house that had a lousy HVAC system that hardly worked

I don’t know what I was thinking when I bought a house that had a lousy HVAC system.

Of course, I love the property with all the land and everything, but the house needs so much work. I was thinking that maybe we could get through the hot season without air conditioning, at least for the first year. My wife thought I was crazy for even thinking such a thing could be possible. She said that I better check with the HVAC companies and get a quote to have an HVAC system installed. I went through a few different quotes with different HVAC professionals but I wasn’t liking the prices I was seeing for these installations. The only HVAC that seemed alright to me was the ductless mini split. I appreciated knowing that it would last a good 20 years plus with minimal maintenance needs. The HVAC professional was nice enough to tell me that I could even install my own ductless mini splits because they had the DIY models available. That immediately piqued my interest and after he was gone, I checked on those systems. I looked at different installation videos and realized that this was something I could do. Not to mention, if I did do the installation on my own, I would save a small fortune! So I decided to go for it and my wife didn’t like it when she learned what I was up to. I asked her if she wanted her cooling system or not, and she couldn’t say no. So I had the HVAC delivered and I handled the installation with minimal issues. Now it’s very comfortable in our home, but there is still so much work to do!

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I was able to get my family into camping just like I enjoyed as a youngster

My family and I go camping all the time.

I always enjoyed camping when I was young and it’s something that I wanted my own children to enjoy.

Of course, they always have a good time and I appreciate that. I typically make sure they are not on their devices all the time so they can enjoy that good air quality in the country and they can spend quality time with their family members. I’d say the children love it the most when we get a fire going in the fireplace. It’s fun being able to cook our food over the fireplace and I love it when we all start roasting marshmallows. One of the best treats in life in my opinion are s’mores! Another thing I have learned to always bring on our campouts is a good portable heating system. The first time we went camping, I didn’t have any portable heater and the kids kept complaining because of how freezing it was through the night. They were disappointed when they learned I didn’t have anything to keep us warm except for our sleeping bags. That’s what I always used when I was a youngster and admittedly there were uncomfortable nights that were freezing. So I got this portable heating system and that changed everything. The kids never had any complaints through the night and I wanted to keep things that way. Even when my kids went camping with friends, I made sure they would take a portable heater along with them so they could be nice and cozy in their tent.
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The cookout was interrupted by the sound of what seemed like a gunshot

When I was having a cookout at my place, I had a lot of people come out.

Well, while I was cooking food on the grill, I heard a truly loud banging noise. It almost sounded like a gun went off in my house. I told a friend to take over the grill and I dashed to see what in the world was going on in my house. I was shocked when there was smoke coming from the basement and it was just too much smoke. The HVAC system was already shut off but I made sure the thermostat was off as well. I had to keep the fire extinguisher nearby just in case the HVAC unit started on fire. With all the smoke, it was hard to tell but I didn’t see any flames anywhere. The smoke eventually died away and I was able to open all the windows and air everything out. I had the fire department come out and they made sure everything was clear. I then had to call the HVAC company to have my HVAC replaced because that A/C system didn’t look like it would be working again. I was told that I should have been keeping up with my regular maintenance. They said what was a small maintenance issue turned into something major and then a part completely failed which caused the smoke and friction inside the HVAC unit. I was actually lucky nothing caught on fire but at least I didn’t keep anything flammable around my HVAC unit. I’m glad that I have a new HVAC now, but I also know to take good care of it with regular HVAC maintenance moving forward.



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My A/C system was making a bunch of crazy noises

When my A/C system was making a bunch of crazy noises, I decided to have a good look at it.

I let the system run while observing the indoor HVAC unit, but that didn’t seem to be where the crazy noise was coming from.

Then I went to the outdoor A/C condenser and it was basically screaming with all these squealing noises, it was awful. I turned off the HVAC and cleaned out the A/C condenser unit really well. My brother taught me how to do this, but I didn’t always keep up with it. I got that HVAC unit clean as a whistle, but it was still making noises like it was stressing really bad. Then I realized something important, I had forgotten to change the air filter! I felt like a total idiot but at least I was able to swap the air filter out with a fresh one. I really must say that the air filter was blocked up really badly. I couldn’t believe that the HVAC system was working at all and still the A/C was coming out cold. Well, that solved the issue when I finally changed the air filter and the HVAC was actually running better since I had cleaned the A/C condenser unit. I’m glad I did that, but if I would have changed the air filter in the first place, I think the strange noises probably would have stopped with my A/C system. Still when the summer is over, I’m going to have an HVAC professional check everything out with my system and make sure to get a tune-up for my gas furnace.

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Our son forgot to change the air filters when we went on our trip

My wife and I decided to take a trip together around the world. This trip would involve numerous ways of travelling including by plane, boat, and various vehicles. The trip was going to take a few months so we planned it for the summer. We considered bringing the children along with us but realized they would be whining the whole time, especially when they didn’t get access to air conditioning like they were accustomed to. Unfortunately they are pretty spoiled, but they actually lit up when they learned we were going to be gone for so long. We made certain to have some close friends check in on them from time to time to make sure they didn’t burn the place down or have any outrageous parties. I also told our eldest son to make sure to change the air filters each month. I showed him were the box of air filters were. I also told him to make sure to be responsible and I really had to stress the part about no parties. The children seemed to be doing alright as we checked on them regularly throughout the days and they reported back that everything was going great. I felt they did a pretty good job except for the fact that they did try to throw a secret party towards the end of our trip. I knew what happened because our friend saw the kids having a party, but he went to break everything up. I was disappointed about that, but I also was mad when the air quality was lacking when we got back. This was because our son never changed the air filter even once!


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It had been awhile since we went on a drive together

Even the climate control system had a smart thermostat so we could use voice control to adjust the temperature control settings

There was a time back in the day when my wife and I always enjoyed going out for a drive. I had a pretty nice jeep back then and the climate control system was always in great condition. I made sure of that because I enjoyed being comfortable in my car, so I took it to the auto shop often for regular maintenance. It’s just as important as taking care of your regular HVAC system maintenance. Things tend to fall apart when you don’t take care of them. It was crazy because I remember when my wife asked if she could drive. She had her license and everything so I thought it would be smooth driving. Well, she scared me on the road when she almost crashed into cars on the road while adjusting the temperature control settings. I told her to just keep her eyes on the road and I would adjust the climate control for her, she only had to ask. I feared for my life, but I taught her some vital driving tips while we were dating. She improved a great deal over the years when it comes to driving. Recently, I decided to get a rental vehicle so we could go on a long trip. I rented a really nice SUV that had all these impressive features. Even the climate control system had a smart thermostat so we could use voice control to adjust the temperature control settings. I actually didn’t mind letting her drive because I knew she wouldn’t be fumbling with the controls and putting us in a dangerous situation. It was a nice drive out to the lake, and we had a wonderful time together.



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I entirely appreciate my smart thermostat

All I have to do is give the command aloud to my smart thermostat and the temperature control settings are easily adjusted

I was pretty excited when I installed my first smart thermostat, but I honestly had no idea how to use the thing. It actually was fairly straightforward for the basic controls of adjusting the temperature control settings, but I wanted to learn the more advanced features. When I was reading through the user manual, I couldn’t believe how many different options there were. The geofencing feature was nice because I was able to make a perimeter around my house and when I left that perimeter for so long the HVAC would go to minimal settings. I also appreciate the alerts I am able to receive. For example, I can be alerted via a text to my phone or an app alert and it will tell me if my home falls down to freezing temperatures. This could be dangerous and the pipes could freeze in the home, so to be able to get an alert like that when I’m on vacation, that’s wonderful. I also love that this smart thermostat has voice control. This makes things so much easier when I don’t feel like walking all the way over to the smart thermostat or using my app on the phone. All I have to do is give the command aloud to my smart thermostat and the temperature control settings are easily adjusted. I can’t tell you how many times this particular feature has come in handy. Another thing I really appreciate about the smart thermostat is that it has a learning feature. It already has learned my preferred temperature control settings and I didn’t even have to program the thing!

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I was nervous about the radiant heated flooring installation

I was pretty nervous about the new installation of radiant heated floors.

This was even after I convinced my wife that it was the best type of heating system around.

I knew that this type of heating system would provide better energy efficiency and greater comfort. I honestly couldn’t wait to have them installed but having the HVAC crew ripping up all the floors definitely made me feel a little sick. I was hoping that the floors would not be ruined or we would come across some messed up obstacle that would make the job way more expensive. I ended up just going out with my wife to a rental cabin for a little while during this installation and I had them call me if there was any trouble. Fortunately, there were no issues and we had a nice relaxing time at the cabin rental for a few days. The cabin had a nice little ductless mini split system that was able to keep us perfectly comfortable. I couldn’t believe how much heating the ductless mini split was able to crank out. When we got back to our home though, we were so amazed with the new radiant heated floors. The HVAC crew did a fantastic job even though it took 3 days to install the new heating system. Of course, it was worth it and we actually did have a pretty good time at the rental cabin. My wife was telling me that we had to do that more often, so I guess we might start enjoying more vacations like that where we can be romantic in front of a cozy fireplace.



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