The cooling industry tries to take advantage of women

I decided my freshman year that I wanted to join a sorority.

It never really occurred to me how much I would miss my family moving only a few hours away, but I really did miss that family bond.

Joining a sorority helped me find that bond again, and I met so many great people along the way. I stayed at our sorority house with my friends, and it definitely came with its ups and downs. For starters, the air conditioning in the house was awful. It was a three story house, so you can imagine how powerful we needed the air conditioning to be to hit all corners of it. Our house mother had to call the university maintenance team almost every week to fix something with the air conditioning. We needed more funds to install a brand new HVAC, but we were having trouble recruiting new members that year. When our house mom called outside a/c contractors for quotes and prices, they increased the quote the moment they heard it was for a sorority. I believe the cooling industry is sexist and takes advantage of customers who are women. It’s not fair that the fraternities get better HVAC prices than we do, as we deserve the same level of comfort. Our chapter advisor finally had a board meeting with the university president to discuss the health and safety concerns that may rise with improper air conditioning in the sorority house. I guess that was all he needed to hear because the following semester we had a brand new air conditioner installed!



Central heaters often replace all other forms of heating

My dad was an architect, and growing up, I really admired what he did.

He would always bring me into his studio to show me what he was working on, and explain all of his cool visions to me.

It was neat to see his visions come to life when he would take me to construction sites. I was so inspired by his work that I decided to become an architect myself and follow in his footsteps. I’ve been an architect for eight years, and I’ve come to learn a lot about home remodels based on their original structure. For example, I’ve learned that original heating systems in homes are very delicate to replace. Many homes in the area I work in are historic and have older heating systems that travel underneath the home. Depending on what the foundation is, it can be tricky to remove the heater without damaging it. I’ve come to establish relationships with seasoned a/c contractors who are familiar with the older style of heaters, and comfortable removing them without damaging the property. Most people like to preserve the historic presence of an older home, but installing a central heating system seems to be the way to go. The houses are normally larger, and so it’s the best way to ensure proper zone control and hot air to every corner. Having a central heater gives younger couples that contemporary functional design, while embracing the vintage look and feel of the home. I’m all for central heaters since they are uniquely hidden from the bones and structure of the house.


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Space heaters are no match to heated flooring

My mom remarried when I was only ten years old, and it was a huge adjustment for me.

I had always been really close with my dad, so it was difficult when I had to move in with her and her new husband.

I hated their new house. It just didn’t feel like home like it did at my dad’s house. He had a really cool set up, and my bedroom was huge! My mom moved into an old cabin somewhere up in the woods. What I loved the most about my dad’s house was his heated floors. I had no idea heated floors even existed! He said that when he went to his a/c technician to install a new heating system, he found out about this new technology. Heated floors are perfect for his house because he lives in the mountains and it gets pretty cold. Sometimes I purposely fell asleep on the floor just because it was so warm with its heating technology. My mom and step dad’s house was super cold and they didn’t even have central heating. They only used space heaters. When you come from the newfound luxury of heated flooring with your dad, you definitely don’t want to sit in an old smelly cabin in the middle of winter with nothing to warm you up but a single space heater in your room. I didn’t think at that age I would have to spell it out to my mom that we needed an improved heating system for the sake of our safety. It just wasn’t cool, and I tried to tell her how cold I was, but she cared more about her new husband than she did about me.


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Eldery people should not install heated flooring into their homes

I’ve lived in my neighborhood for many years, and I’ve come to get to know a lot of my neighbors.

We usually like to get together every so often to catch up on things that are happening in the neighborhood.

It’s not meant to be a gossip hour, but sometimes people just like to talk. Most of the time we just share information that would be important to know for safety reasons. At our last meeting, I found out that the elderly couple down the street from me both suffered severe burns due to the heated flooring they had installed in their home. We all knew it was going to be a brutal winter season, and the local HVAC company took the opportunity to market new heated flooring for a discounted price. I guess the couple fell for the bait and had the heated flooring installed just before we had a major snow storm. They had turned the heater on and the floors began to warm up, but one of the husbands accidentally turned the temperature up too high because he didn’t have his glasses on. They got the heated flooring because they wanted to be able to walk barefoot around their house again, so they were walking around when they noticed the floor beneath them starting to warm up quickly. They couldn’t walk fast, so they rushed as fast as they could across the heated floors to find cool relief. By the time they reached the carpet, they both had red burns on the bottom of their feet. I felt so bad that they spent the holiday in the hospital.


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Why you should have a furnace tune-up before the winter season

The wintertime in the city is such a beautiful time of year.

You really get to experience the magic of the holiday season with inches of white snow covering the ground, and icicles stuck to every roof.

There are always hot chocolate stands so you can get it at any time of the day, and carolers go around to every neighborhood multiple times. With all of the excitement leading up to the season, many people forget to get maintenance done on their home heating systems. Furnaces should get a tune-up before excessively using it during the colder seasons. Heating contractors usually offer tune-ups free of charge because it will save them the work of having to fix broken heaters during the winter. It’s worth giving your local technician a call before Thanksgiving hits so that you have plenty of time to make sure your furnace is working before it gets too cold, depending on where you live. My technician actually offers a discount off of a future service when you schedule a furnace tune up before December. If you’re thinking about what you should do to prepare your home for the cold temperatures, your a/c technician is definitely the person who can educate you and help you come up with a plan based on your home, and family needs. If you don’t have a regular repairman before winter arrives, be sure to ask for referrals from family, friends, and neighbors. You want to make sure you have someone reliable taking care of your home! This will help you have a safe and warm holiday season.


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Electricity companies will forgive your bill if you provide you air conditioner is broken

My landlord is one of the meanest people that I have ever met.

I never actually met her in person because she was out of town at the time I moved in, so we only spoke through text.

When I met her in person for the first time, I told that I felt like the air conditioner wasn’t working properly. She completely ignored me so I had to beg her for the air conditioning technician’s phone number. Our air vents had been leaking so much air that our electric bill was more than doubled what it should have been. I asked our landlord to provide a letter stating that our air conditioner was indeed broken based on the quality report from the technician. She refused to give me a letter, so I had to contact the electric company and explain why our bill shows that our air conditioning usage was so high. It turns out that our electric company has an A/C forgiveness program. They have their own air conditioning experts that can do a consultation at your home where they check your HVAC to ensure there is a problem. They won’t actually do the repair, but they can confirm your appeal to have your bill reduced. I wondered if more electric companies had similar programs, and it turns out most of them at least have an air conditioning education program for their technicians. I love to see that electric programs care so much to expand their knowledge on common household appliances that would impact our electricity usage. I was so happy to tell my landlord about it and laugh in her face when my bill was cut in half.

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Ask your landlord for an air conditioning quality check before moving in

After experiencing this so many times, I always tell people not to trust their landlords and contact their HVAC contractor about getting a quality check done

I’ve lived in several different apartments in the city and each experience is completely unique. My first place had a gorgeous brick fireplace that was installed when it was first built more than fifty years ago. My second place had a beautiful wrap-around balcony where I could display all of my plants. And my current place has really tall ceilings with very detailed molding. There’s been one similarity that I’ve had the unfortunate pleasure of experiencing at each of these places though. The air conditioner stopped working well after only a few short months of living there. In each place I would turn on the air conditioner the day we moved in and everything would be working fine. But after some time, small things would start to happen which led me to asking my landlord to check out the HVAC. I’ve learned that landlords purposefully don’t mention an air conditioning quality check because most of their HVACs are old and expensive to replace. They would rather the equipment break on us, or provide a poor air quality experience so that our rent increases. I never knew that you could request a professional air conditioning quality check, so I feel that I’ve missed out. After experiencing this so many times, I always tell people not to trust their landlords and contact their HVAC contractor about getting a quality check done. It’s just not worth the hassle of having no air. The technicians are required to be honest since they are contracted out of their employer, so they will tell you whether or not it’s time for the HVAC to be replaced.

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A leaky air duct can triple the amount of your electricity bill

I’ve lived in the same home for ten years, and I’ve come to learn a lot about homeownership.

It’s been a humbling, yet fun experience. I’m glad that I’m able to teach my sons valuable skills that will come in handy when they own a home in the future. They love helping me repair stuff around the house and name all of the tools I used. What’s not fun is when they have to see you get frustrated when you don’t know how to fix something, like an air conditioner. Our air conditioner had worked fine for years, and all of a sudden our electricity bill was through the roof. We thought that maybe we had just been keeping the air conditioner on too cold, or running it too often. We updated our SMART thermostat to be programmed in keeping the temperature of the home at a higher temperature at all times. We made sure to close all doors leading outside to prevent air conditioning from escaping. I finally decided to call our a/c repairman because I could not figure out why our bill was so high. He found that our air ducts were getting old and started leaking, which causes the air conditioner to work harder than it needs to. I was so upset to find out that we were going to need to replace the entire HVAC system. However, I’m happy that I was able to show my sons what it looks like to ask for help when you need it. Sometimes we have to put our pride aside to make the best decisions for ourselves.

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Tips on how to save money when your air conditioning breaks

When I was in college, I worked three different jobs to pay for my tuition. I barely slept all week and always smelled like french fry grease, but I walked out of college with zero college debt. Even though I feel like college took time off of my life, I learned so many valuable skills while trying to be frugal and count my pennies. I taught myself how to complete household tasks, like minor air conditioning or air filter repairs. When I moved into a house, I already knew so much about air conditioners and how to save money if something breaks. You’ll first want to check your lease for any information about the air conditioning system, and see if you can find a loophole that would allow for the landlord to pay for the repair instead of the tenant. Then you’ll want to privately have an HVAC contractor come to do an inspection to determine what the cause of the problem is. This will give you the leverage you need when you present the a/c problem to an electric company, if needed. If your air conditioner is causing your electric bill to go high, some companies have a program that will lower the costs of your bill with an official inspection statement. I’d recommend hiring your own contractor instead of using the electric company’s because they don’t always have the best standards or requirements. Some people said that I simply had learned to cheat the system, but I choose to believe that I like to uncover the truth that the companies don’t want us to know. We work hard for our money, so we should be in control of it.


Air conditioning repairs shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg

I’ve lived in my neighborhood for twenty years, and I’ve built close relationships with many of my neighbors.

  • We get together once a month with a potluck, and it’s always a good time! We have even invited some of our neighborhood repairmen one time.

I’ve gotten pretty close with our air conditioning technician. He’s great, and carries so much knowledge about HVAC systems and air filters. We’ve been lucky to have him around for our maintenance and repairs over the years. But I am constantly getting on him about the cost of the bill when we have an unexpected repair. His prices for minor repairs have tripled since he started working in our neighborhood. I really don’t think that technicians should be allowed to adjust the cost of a repair so frequently, let alone such a big difference. My husband is retired and so we pray that our air conditioner stays in one piece so that we don’t have to dip too far into our savings. I also think that our technician should have a senior discount for those of us who make too little to cover the costs of repairs and maintenance. Even though our a/c technician is incredibly nice, he could consider lowering his prices. It can be really stressful when worrying about finances at our age. I hope that my grandchildren put themselves in better positions so that they don’t have to worry about it. We still love our neighborhood and would recommend living there to anyone. Just make sure you develop a good relationship with all of your technicians.
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