Seven minutes of hot water heating left

I could probably fix it myself but the owner of my flat is responsible for the hot water heater I believe.

Our hot water has been gone for two days now and I have been taking cold showers since then. It is a little bit uncomfortable taking a cold shower with zero hot water during the winter, but once you get over the initial shock it isn’t so bad. I just blast my body with the cold water and rinse off, and then I lather myself up with a luffa sponge and soap, and then I blast myself again to rinse the soap off and it is over. I think we will have the unit fixed tomorrow when the HVAC tech comes out to take a look at it. It could be something as simple as replacing a part on the unit and we are set. I think the thermostat in the hot water heater is bad, and I think they can just pop it out and put in a new one and we are all set. I could probably fix it myself but the owner of my flat is responsible for the hot water heater I believe. We should have hot water again within two or three days max if something goes wrong tomorrow with the repair. The heating and cooling supplier near us has some great HVAC techs working for them and I think they are good at fixing things like propane boilers like the one we have. It will be nice to have hot water again for the washing machine, showers, and for doing dishes each day. That is pretty much all we use hot water for and we’ll be glad to have a working hot water heater once again.

HVAC for sale

One hour of heating and cooling equipment work

I’m listening to my mom’s messages on wechat and it is music to my ears.

She has a lovely voice and I know she won’t be around forever, so hearing her voice is more special as time goes on.

I need to get some food going soon because I just played ball and am going to be starving very soon. I think a nice big salad is in order with some cheese and tuna mixed in. I also have to go shopping at the local store and buy some kefir, which I discovered is pasteurized and lacks probiotics, boo. Refrigeration is necessary when storing kefir, as you don’t want it heating up and spoiling. So anyway, I am going to look for a better kefir in the stores but I will probably end up making it at home so I get more probiotics in it as I don’t have to pasteurize it after I make it. I can buy the kefir grains and use refrigeration to keep it and my HVAC tech buddy is going to join me in making the stuff. I really want to get more probiotics in my system to help with my immune system and overall health. I have been buying this kefir from the local business where they keep all of the food in an air conditioned store so it lasts a long time. I like the taste of their kefir but I don’t like that it doesn’t really have any probiotics in it, because they’re heating it up when pasteurizing it. But try kefir sometime, I think you’ll like it.


hydronic heating

Volleyball and a little air con

I need to calm down my energy a bit, as I just got home from playing ball on the beach with some friends.

It kind of gets you hyped up after playing and then I came home and had to take a very cold shower because we have no hot water right now.

That cold shower really wakes you up too, so now I am going to relax a bit and then get down to work with my writing stuff. I have about an hour of work left and then I am going to take a little nap. My heating rep friend is having a dinner party at her air conditioned flat and I am going over there to hang out for the evening. Today is Sunday and the streets are pretty packed with day travelers coming to visit our town for a few hours. The local businesses are happy and my HVAC company where I work is really busy today because the weather is getting much warmer quickly and they are selling mini split a/c systems like hotcakes again. I am revved up for tomorrow because I want to see how my EV stock is going to do, as on Friday it jumped 12% and may jump even more next week. The air conditioning system in the cars are really good and are supposed to be even better for the environment. I think the stock is going to double in the next few weeks and could even go up as high as 5X in the next couple of months.

central heater

Time for that morning dip and my heating device

I will pound out one more article then take my cold plunge.

I just submitted our music page to this booking agency that I used to do comedy for. Let’s see if they like our sounds and if they can get us signed and doing shows. I like playing music a lot more than doing comedy shows so hopefully they can sign us and get us on the road doing gigs. I think our music has a good niche in the field and we could entertain a lot of different audiences with our sounds. We just need to keep HVAC systems work coming in while we feed the band with new songs, then we can leave the heating and cooling equipment work behind us and hit the road! Who knows where life can take you, but you won’t go anywhere if you don’t give it a try. Even if I have to keep my HVAC tech job for the heating contractor, I will still keep playing music till I am out of breath. I have been singing my whole life and have had a deep affection for music ever since I was a little boy listening to Rod Stewart’s song You’re in my Heart. I remember sitting by the fireplace with my mom and listening to that song while we stayed warm with the HVAC system running in the background. I will see my mom again soon as I am planning on taking a month long trip back to the States in about five or six more months for some HVAC system training. I love you momma, please wait for me.



Playing music in a furnace heated ski lodge

We just got another gig in a ski lodge for the winter, which is pretty cool considering the season won’t start for another ten months.

I think we can line up five shows a night and make $2000 a week rotating between different resorts each week.

We would probably stay in my bandmate’s cabin on the mountain for two months and do as many shows as our bodies will allow us. If we did a ten week stint there we could pocket $10K each plus tips, so that would be a pretty good buffer in the bank for us both. Heating and cooling system work, which is what I am doing now, is going to have to be placed on the back burner if we do that many shows, because trying to work on a heat pump or fireplace at 8am after a long night of music is not going to happen. I am more concerned about doing fun shows and making people happy than trying to earn a bunch of money. I will keep doing my HVAC tech work until next winter and then hang out by fireplaces and furnaces to stay warm while we entertain the skiers and snowboarders. It should be a memorable experience playing music up there in the mountains with my buddy and bandmate, which is what life is all about in the end isn’t it? We need to work now at the heating and cooling dealership and save money for next winter so that we don’t have to do HVAC system work while we are gigging.

New contractor

9am sunday morning with good air quality

The town I live in now is much quieter than the big city where I first moved when I came to live here overseas.

The big town, Bcn, on the Spanish coast was very lively and great for my comedy career, but after five years of living there I grew tired of the noise and moved an hour south.

This town is much nicer and cleaner, but there aren’t as many gigs for playing music (which I switched over to from comedy) as there are in the big city. We play in the streets here and soon in local businesses around town and on the beach. Our main goal in a year is to play in climate controlled places in town in the summer and then in heated rooms in the winter in the mountains. Ski lodges would be a great place for our music as it is festive and uplifting and great for skiers after a long day on the slopes. I do HVAC service and repair and could repair furnaces and clean fireplaces in the mountains during the winter while we do shows there. We may end up being too busy to do that though, because if it goes as planned we will be doing shows five or six nights a week. This one lodge with a killer fireplace is going to pay us $400 to do a two hour show for a group of heating and cooling workers, so that is a pretty good paycheck for a couple hours of having fun. We also get tips too, so that $400 could turn into $500 by the end of the night.


Air conditioner tune-up

Five heated floors heating up

We played music last night in the rain, which was a first for that because we normally have our sound system and go scurrying at the first sign of rain.

But last night we sang acoustically and were playing when the skies started turning gray and thunder started in the background.

My bandmate took off near the end, complaining that my voice was too loud compared to his, which is just another one of his bellyaches as he is quite the negative person. It ended up being me and another girl singing and a girl dancing while we sang. Cooling down in the sea, the dancing HVAC tech chic went swimming just as the rain was starting, while the other singer took off claiming that her hair would get ruined from the rain. Me and the dancing girl sang some more songs, namely a rain song to get some more rain, and then when it got heavy we had to leave or my drum would not be happy. We walked towards the train station past local businesses and I showed her where I lived as she made her way back to the air conditioned train for her ride back home to the big city. I used to live in the big city where she lives now but grew tired of the constant noise and steady flow of drunk tourists walking down the street late at night yelling meaningless things. My air purifier in my room back then would drown out most sounds from the street, but the climate control system didn’t work so we ended up leaving that flat.

a/c repairman

Last cooling equipment job to do

My EV stock has really been tanking wow.

I am not stressing about it though as I will leave that for the CEO of the company that is fighting to stay afloat.

The price is now at 17 cents a share, down from the $10 I bought it at about two years ago, and if it keeps sinking my money is going to be all but gone. I had $100K when I bought the sinking ship stock and now it is worth a whopping $1700, almost comical at this point. I’m not selling and am just forgetting about my HVAC tech savings for a few years to see what happens with it. Either the company is going to go bankrupt at some point or they will rise out of the ashes and make a name for themselves. I did so many a/c system and heating device sales over ten years to earn that money, and on a whim I tossed it all in the wind with this flimsy EV company that I thought was going to explode. They could still end up making me money but it is not looking good right now, so it all comes down to patience at this point and maybe a little luck. The heating corp boss feels really bad about my deal but I am not worried about losing it all because money comes and goes and that is just how it is. I still have food to eat and can run my mini split a/c unit in the summer to stay comfortable so what is there to worry about?

heating company

Two more heating system articles

I will write two more stories and then I have to switch gears and work on some other stuff online for an hour and then I am done.

I am going to make it a point not to use my laptop after 9pm because it really messes with my sleep patterns.

The only issue with that is by the time I get back from the beach at night it is already 10pm and I can’t check any messages or do anything else online at that point or I won’t sleep well. Anyway, today I got my new portable air conditioner for my bedroom so that my flatmate isn’t cold in her room with the central HVAC system running all night. I think it will also save me $30 a month running this little unit, which means it would pay for itself after two summers, so that is pretty cool because it’ll end up being a free unit after that. If I run the cooling system in my bedroom for five months that would save me $150 approximately, and for $240 the unit will be paid for in no time. This way I can keep my bedroom as cold as I want it without bothering my flatmate, who tends to be cold most of the time. I think my body is heating up more when I sleep because of my metabolism and I have always liked to have cold a/c when I sleep except for in the middle of winter, when I keep the bedroom window open for my climate control.



Help with indoor comfort

Cutting my teeth on air purification filters

The local contractor near me had the same tooth issues and got them fixed at this local business and he told me they did a great job of whitening them, which is something I need to get done as it has been years since getting them cleaned and whitened

I may go to the doc’s office next week and see if they can shoot this tennis elbow pain with some cortisone so I can be done with the pain for good. I haven’t had a shot in that elbow for twenty years and can do two more if I need it, and right now I need it. The last time I went in the office they looked at it and shrugged it off as something temporary, which was three years ago and it still hurts. I will explain to them that the pain is not going away with cooling and heating cycles like they told me to try back then. I used ice on it and then a heating pad many times but the pain is still there and seems to be getting worse. I put some cooling gel on it this morning and it helps a bit but I really need the local business to give me a shot of cortisone so that I don’t have to mess with it anymore. I think I can get in there next week and then I am going to focus on my teeth and getting them cleaned and fixed up a bit. The local contractor near me had the same tooth issues and got them fixed at this local business and he told me they did a great job of whitening them, which is something I need to get done as it has been years since getting them cleaned and whitened. I will work at the HVAC company this coming week and work on that appointment.

hydronic heating