Five heated floors heating up

We played music last night in the rain, which was a first for that because we normally have our sound system and go scurrying at the first sign of rain.

But last night we sang acoustically and were playing when the skies started turning gray and thunder started in the background.

My bandmate took off near the end, complaining that my voice was too loud compared to his, which is just another one of his bellyaches as he is quite the negative person. It ended up being me and another girl singing and a girl dancing while we sang. Cooling down in the sea, the dancing HVAC tech chic went swimming just as the rain was starting, while the other singer took off claiming that her hair would get ruined from the rain. Me and the dancing girl sang some more songs, namely a rain song to get some more rain, and then when it got heavy we had to leave or my drum would not be happy. We walked towards the train station past local businesses and I showed her where I lived as she made her way back to the air conditioned train for her ride back home to the big city. I used to live in the big city where she lives now but grew tired of the constant noise and steady flow of drunk tourists walking down the street late at night yelling meaningless things. My air purifier in my room back then would drown out most sounds from the street, but the climate control system didn’t work so we ended up leaving that flat.

a/c repairman