Playing music in a furnace heated ski lodge

We just got another gig in a ski lodge for the winter, which is pretty cool considering the season won’t start for another ten months.

I think we can line up five shows a night and make $2000 a week rotating between different resorts each week.

We would probably stay in my bandmate’s cabin on the mountain for two months and do as many shows as our bodies will allow us. If we did a ten week stint there we could pocket $10K each plus tips, so that would be a pretty good buffer in the bank for us both. Heating and cooling system work, which is what I am doing now, is going to have to be placed on the back burner if we do that many shows, because trying to work on a heat pump or fireplace at 8am after a long night of music is not going to happen. I am more concerned about doing fun shows and making people happy than trying to earn a bunch of money. I will keep doing my HVAC tech work until next winter and then hang out by fireplaces and furnaces to stay warm while we entertain the skiers and snowboarders. It should be a memorable experience playing music up there in the mountains with my buddy and bandmate, which is what life is all about in the end isn’t it? We need to work now at the heating and cooling dealership and save money for next winter so that we don’t have to do HVAC system work while we are gigging.

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