Volleyball and a little air con

I need to calm down my energy a bit, as I just got home from playing ball on the beach with some friends.

It kind of gets you hyped up after playing and then I came home and had to take a very cold shower because we have no hot water right now.

That cold shower really wakes you up too, so now I am going to relax a bit and then get down to work with my writing stuff. I have about an hour of work left and then I am going to take a little nap. My heating rep friend is having a dinner party at her air conditioned flat and I am going over there to hang out for the evening. Today is Sunday and the streets are pretty packed with day travelers coming to visit our town for a few hours. The local businesses are happy and my HVAC company where I work is really busy today because the weather is getting much warmer quickly and they are selling mini split a/c systems like hotcakes again. I am revved up for tomorrow because I want to see how my EV stock is going to do, as on Friday it jumped 12% and may jump even more next week. The air conditioning system in the cars are really good and are supposed to be even better for the environment. I think the stock is going to double in the next few weeks and could even go up as high as 5X in the next couple of months.

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