Someone broke into my home and stole a lot of my stuff

I came home last Wednesday, only to find my home in disarray. I immediately panicked and examined my house closely. My fears were confirmed when I recognized that some of my items were missing. I immediately called the police and left my house, in case there was an intruder still in the home. The police came and took my statement, they checked out my home, but couldn’t find anyone inside. After they left and I had reported my stolen items, this gave me time to start putting my house back together. They took most of my valuables, such as jewelry, my TV and watch. I noticed something odd as I was putting things back. My portable air conditioning component, which was usually in my room for an extra cooling breeze, was now next to the door. That was odd, and made me realize that the thief had intended to steal the portable air conditioner, but it was probably too much with all of my other items, so they ended up leaving the portable A/C behind. I’m not going to lie, of all of the items, I could have gone without my portable cooling device. But at least it is one less item stolen. I carried the portable HVAC system back up to my room and put it back in its place. Then the rest of my time was fixing my home and figuring out what I am going to do. I hope the police are able to figure out who robbed my house, I know there has been a lot of robberies as of lately.
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I brought my air purifier with me to my cousin’s house

When you have allergies like I do, you eventually learn to live with them, even if they can be extremely annoying.

For a good portion of my life, I was used to waking up in a sneezing fit, as my body was getting triggered by dirt and pollutants in the air. And don’t even get me started on spring. Spring was the absolute worst season by far for me, which is a shame, because spring is really beautiful. But once spring rolled around, I was a sneezing, sniffling and coughing mess. After I discovered an air purifier and started paying close attention to my indoor air quality, it greatly reduced my allergy symptoms. After the whole home media air cleaner was set up in my home, and my air quality was good, life was nice afterwards. My allergies faded and became something of the past. However, there was still an issue I ended up facing. That issue is visiting my friends. I still wanted to see my friends, and not be trapped in my home all day, but as soon as I leave my house, my body gives me a friendly reminder that it can’t handle being outside without transforming into a mucus monster. So then I got the idea of bringing my air purifier with me. Yes it was a pain, but it made the difference. After I brought the whole home media air purifier to my friend’s houses, not only did it improve their air, but I could hang out with them like normal. I finally found a solution, and I could live my life in peace.

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I couldn’t believe my grandparents could be so cruel

Every few months or so, I drive down to my grandparent’s place to give them a visit.

I know they are lonely, and they appreciate the visit.

Well today was one of those days, and I was driving down to meet them. As I usually do, I had a few things packed for the 3 day stay at their place. Some of the things I brought were clothes, toothbrush and toothpaste and other basic necessities. Oh and I also brought my portable air conditioning system. The portable A/C unit was in the back of my car, and it’s the newest addition of all of my items. I just bought the portable air conditioning unit back a few months ago, and it was definitely worth the money. I bring the portable cooling unit with me wherever I go, in case the heat gets too bad. Since I live in the southern states, it can get pretty bad. I made it down to their place and talked to them for a while. Then I set up the air conditioner in the guestroom for a while. I went out for a while, and when I came back, I noticed the portable A/C was gone! I asked my grandparents where it went, and they told me they sold it! They told me I did not need the portable air conditioner, their central A/C was enough, and besides, it was a waste of money to begin with. My jaw was practically hitting the floor, as I couldn’t believe they could be so cruel. I was literally telling them earlier how happy I was with the portable HVAC system. One thing is for sure, I’m not visiting them for a long time, if ever again.


I couldn’t believe my grandparents could be so cruel

Argument over whether to keep the old A/C or not

My cousin and I have been living together for the past 2 years.

We had a lot in common, and since renting places can be so expensive nowadays, we decided to become roommates temporarily.

Although we have a lot in common, I quickly discovered we had a lot of differences too, but thankfully none of them were enough to ruin our relationship. We did have one incident sometime back that caused a big argument. When our air conditioning device broke down for the 100th time, I told my cousin we just needed to get a new one. Even though a brand new HVAC system was going to cost more upfront, it was going to pay off in the end because of the high efficiency. If we continued attempting to fix the old A/C unit, it was just going to keep breaking down and cost us more money in the long run. I knew all of this because I did some reading on HVAC technology and HVAC equipment ahead of time. However, my cousin didn’t agree, they thought that we should keep investing money in the old air conditioner, and that the old heating and cooling system was still decent enough to keep repairing. We ended up getting into a pretty big argument over that, because we both thought that the other person was wrong, and that the other person was going to cause us to go without HVAC. In the end, I let my cousin repair the old A/C unit, but she had to pay for it, while I went out and bought a portable air conditioner for myself, that way it’s the best of both worlds.


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My brother always liked to take shortcuts

While my brother and I always did well as roommates, there was one thing about him that always drove me crazy, and that was his constant need to take a shortcut. My brother never liked doing things the proper way, and was always looking for something quicker. Even though I have warned him multiple times in advance that the quick way doesn’t work nearly as well, he almost never listens to me. A great example is our heating and air conditioning system. When our previous HVAC device broke down, my brother originally wanted to look for as small and as cheap as air conditioning systems could get. I thought I had convinced him out of that, and I thought we had agreed on a regular central air conditioning system. I guess not, because what did I find in our driveway when I was coming home from work? A HVAC van. Apparently while I was gone my brother was having a much smaller and cheaper version of A/C installed. I was rightfully mad at him, but he told me that I just needed to wait and see, and the air conditioner would work just fine. In his mind, he thought central air conditioners were just another way for HVAC places to make more money. Surprise, surprise, the new cooling unit was not up to par, and only worked for about a month before crashing. My brother spent a lot of money attempting to repair it, but in the end, we went with my original suggestion of a central cooling system. All of this could have been avoided if he had just listened to me and not taken shortcuts.



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I was cold from the rain

I was lucky enough that I was able to leave work a half an hour early.

My home is only 10 minutes away, so I usually walk to work and walk home.

As I was walking home, I took notice of the dark billowing clouds overhead. I was hoping I could make it home before the rain hit, but just as I thought that, the storm clouds let loose and it started to downpour. I started running home, but I couldn’t run very fast without slipping. Without an umbrella, I was drenched in minutes. Since it was already a cold and windy day, the rain only made things so much colder. I started shivering as I finished my walk home. When I finally made it home, I jammed my key into the lock and went inside. I changed my clothes to warm and comfy clothes, and I immediately turned on my heating system. The furnace responded instantly, and heated air began to come out of the A/C vents. I sat next to the HVAC vent, and enjoyed the warm breeze. It took about a half an hour, but by then the heating device had warmed up my house as well as myself. It was still pouring outside, and I knew I would have to delay any plans until later tonight, when the weather was a bit better. So instead, I decided to take a nap. I collapsed in my bed and with the furnace system still working in the background, I was able to doze off quite easily.

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Long road trip to the southern states

My sister’s wedding was in just a couple of days, and I was her maid of honor. She was finally marrying her fiance, who she had been dating for 4 years. I am so proud of them, and I think she is marrying a great man. So in preparation for her wedding, I agreed to come down to the southern states a couple days early to help set everything up. I knew my sister was under a lot of pressure, so I wanted to try and get there on time, however there is always something that has to go wrong. I was making good time and only had a few hours more to go, when I heard this metallic sounding noise and my car’s left front wheel started to wobble a bit. I pulled over and noticed a massive industrial style nail stuck in my tire. Great, I just knew this was going to delay me for a few hours and make me late. I called for roadside service, and the guy instructed me to stand outside the car so he could see me. I didn’t want to stand outside my car, because it was like 95 degrees outside without an A/C device. It took over an hour, but eventually the guy arrived. I had to rent another car while my car was being repaired, but I didn’t mind so much since I got to enjoy the air conditioning. The rented car had great HVAC, and I had the cooling system on full blast the rest of the ride there. I informed my sister what happened and she wasn’t made, and afterwards everything with the wedding went well.
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Fitting new house with the correct air conditioner

I was 21 when I saw it.

I had just gotten a job promotion and with several thousand dollars in savings, I badly wanted it.

What did I see exactly? It was this perfect little home, only a few miles where I lived. It was perfect for me in just about every way, it even was on an acre of land! I knew I wouldn’t be able to afford the little home for a couple years or so, until I had enough time to save up more money, and by then, I knew it was going to be gone. However, as time passed, I noticed the months went by without the home being claimed. I knew part of it was the size, this house was probably about the size of an apartment, so it was a tiny house. Since I would be living alone, this was perfect for me, but probably not good for other people who lived with family. When I turned 23 and had almost enough money to pay for the entire place, I decided to make an offer to the owner of the home. The owner was eager to sell the home and gladly accepted my offer, and just like that I was a homeowner! It was then I saw why a lot of people weren’t interested in this place. The place had the wrong size air conditioner. The A/C device was far too large, which you would think would be a good thing, but the cooling system is too big, it causes the HVAC component to short cycle a lot. This wasn’t that big of an issue, I called a HVAC specialist, and he will be able to get the right A/C installed.

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Sleeping in my car due to hotel issues

I decided that it wasn’t worth it, and left.

Unfortunately for me, I booked my vacation around the same time as a big car race that everyone was anticipating, and because of that most of the hotels were booked! I drove around for probably 2 hours, looking for a hotel. It was 3:00 am, and I was dead tired. I had already driven for close to 5 hours, not including the two hours I spent driving around looking for a hotel. I thought that I had finally lucked out when I found a hotel with one room open, so I immediately booked it. I drove there and checked into my room, and that’s when I saw probably the grossest hotel room I had ever seen. This room was covered with mysterious stains and had a weird smell around it as well. I tried the air conditioning system, but that only made the smell so much worse! Obviously the smell was coming from the A/C unit, and even when I tried turning it off, the smell lingered. I pulled back the covers on the bed, and they had quite a few stains as well. I decided that it wasn’t worth it, and left. I got back in my car and reclined the seat back. I turned the ice cold air conditioning in my car on, and prepared for sleep. Sleep did not come easily, but I must have dozed off a few times, because I remember checking the clock at 4:30, and the next thing I knew it was 7:00 am. Some people were checking out early, which allowed me to finally get a much better room at a nice hotel.
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Staying at a bad hotel

I turned the A/C device, and instead of cool air coming out, all that came out was heated air

Although our original plan was to make the 6 hour drive all of the way through, that didn’t end up happening. My husband and I agreed to drive 3 hours each, and while I drove just fine, when it was my husband’s turn, he began to fall asleep at the wheel. I didn’t blame him, he has sleep apnea, so it’s not his fault when he begins to fall asleep. The second time he fell asleep at the wheel, I woke him up and told him we needed to pull over and find a hotel. At that point it was 1:30 in the morning and we were both tired. My husband agreed, and we decided that we’ll continue our road trip in the morning after both of us had a lot of rest. There was a hotel only a few miles from us, so we drove there and checked in. As soon as I entered the hotel room, I started to have my doubts about staying here. The place had multiple stains and stinked. I was hoping by turning the air conditioning system on, that it might clear the place out. I turned the A/C device, and instead of cool air coming out, all that came out was heated air. I couldn’t get the air conditioner to cool, it was instead heating the room, but it did help to remove the smell. After an hour, the smell was gone, but now the room was overheated! My husband at this time was fast asleep, so I decided to join him, even though I knew sleeping without cooling was going to be hard. I did eventually fall asleep, and I was glad to get out of that dirty hotel.


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