9am sunday morning with good air quality

The town I live in now is much quieter than the big city where I first moved when I came to live here overseas.

The big town, Bcn, on the Spanish coast was very lively and great for my comedy career, but after five years of living there I grew tired of the noise and moved an hour south.

This town is much nicer and cleaner, but there aren’t as many gigs for playing music (which I switched over to from comedy) as there are in the big city. We play in the streets here and soon in local businesses around town and on the beach. Our main goal in a year is to play in climate controlled places in town in the summer and then in heated rooms in the winter in the mountains. Ski lodges would be a great place for our music as it is festive and uplifting and great for skiers after a long day on the slopes. I do HVAC service and repair and could repair furnaces and clean fireplaces in the mountains during the winter while we do shows there. We may end up being too busy to do that though, because if it goes as planned we will be doing shows five or six nights a week. This one lodge with a killer fireplace is going to pay us $400 to do a two hour show for a group of heating and cooling workers, so that is a pretty good paycheck for a couple hours of having fun. We also get tips too, so that $400 could turn into $500 by the end of the night.


Air conditioner tune-up