Last cooling equipment job to do

My EV stock has really been tanking wow.

I am not stressing about it though as I will leave that for the CEO of the company that is fighting to stay afloat.

The price is now at 17 cents a share, down from the $10 I bought it at about two years ago, and if it keeps sinking my money is going to be all but gone. I had $100K when I bought the sinking ship stock and now it is worth a whopping $1700, almost comical at this point. I’m not selling and am just forgetting about my HVAC tech savings for a few years to see what happens with it. Either the company is going to go bankrupt at some point or they will rise out of the ashes and make a name for themselves. I did so many a/c system and heating device sales over ten years to earn that money, and on a whim I tossed it all in the wind with this flimsy EV company that I thought was going to explode. They could still end up making me money but it is not looking good right now, so it all comes down to patience at this point and maybe a little luck. The heating corp boss feels really bad about my deal but I am not worried about losing it all because money comes and goes and that is just how it is. I still have food to eat and can run my mini split a/c unit in the summer to stay comfortable so what is there to worry about?

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