Two more heating system articles

I will write two more stories and then I have to switch gears and work on some other stuff online for an hour and then I am done.

I am going to make it a point not to use my laptop after 9pm because it really messes with my sleep patterns.

The only issue with that is by the time I get back from the beach at night it is already 10pm and I can’t check any messages or do anything else online at that point or I won’t sleep well. Anyway, today I got my new portable air conditioner for my bedroom so that my flatmate isn’t cold in her room with the central HVAC system running all night. I think it will also save me $30 a month running this little unit, which means it would pay for itself after two summers, so that is pretty cool because it’ll end up being a free unit after that. If I run the cooling system in my bedroom for five months that would save me $150 approximately, and for $240 the unit will be paid for in no time. This way I can keep my bedroom as cold as I want it without bothering my flatmate, who tends to be cold most of the time. I think my body is heating up more when I sleep because of my metabolism and I have always liked to have cold a/c when I sleep except for in the middle of winter, when I keep the bedroom window open for my climate control.



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