One hour of heating and cooling equipment work

I’m listening to my mom’s messages on wechat and it is music to my ears.

She has a lovely voice and I know she won’t be around forever, so hearing her voice is more special as time goes on.

I need to get some food going soon because I just played ball and am going to be starving very soon. I think a nice big salad is in order with some cheese and tuna mixed in. I also have to go shopping at the local store and buy some kefir, which I discovered is pasteurized and lacks probiotics, boo. Refrigeration is necessary when storing kefir, as you don’t want it heating up and spoiling. So anyway, I am going to look for a better kefir in the stores but I will probably end up making it at home so I get more probiotics in it as I don’t have to pasteurize it after I make it. I can buy the kefir grains and use refrigeration to keep it and my HVAC tech buddy is going to join me in making the stuff. I really want to get more probiotics in my system to help with my immune system and overall health. I have been buying this kefir from the local business where they keep all of the food in an air conditioned store so it lasts a long time. I like the taste of their kefir but I don’t like that it doesn’t really have any probiotics in it, because they’re heating it up when pasteurizing it. But try kefir sometime, I think you’ll like it.


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