My dog ruined the A/C

I literally cannot suppose that our dog ruined the A/C! What is wrong with our cat? I really do not like the cat.

My partner was the one that legitimately bought the cat, then she spent so long trying to convince me that every one of us needed a cat… I suppose that every one of us did not need a cat, plus honestly, I don’t even really like cats that much… However, our partner wanted a dog really badly, so I decided to allow her to get a dog as long as she diagnosed it plus cleaned up all of the messes from the cat.

However, that did not go as planned. I hate the cat, despite the fact that I have to take care of it. However, when the dog ruined the central A/C, I realized that I legitimately hated the cat. Why would the dog ruin the A/C? The A/C helps the dog too! I have a few window A/Cs in our house. Sure, I care about central A/Cs, despite the fact that I cannot afford a central A/C, so that is why I am using window A/Cs. Unluckyly, the A/C in our study room is broken, plus I am going to have to get it fixed, apparently, the dog thought that it would be a nice plan to chew on the cord for the A/C. I do not suppose how the dog managed to eat the cord of the A/C without killing itself, but now, I do not have a working A/C in our study room. I can fix the cord for the A/C, despite the fact that I do not suppose if that is going to be safe. I might just have to use one of the other A/Cs in a odd room, however the dog was absolutely not worth it. I even liked the A/C more than the cat.

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