She’s going to be happy this time

I am having a really difficult time looking for a super great birthday gift for my mom this year, and it’s nothing new, because she is actually a difficult person to buy presents for.

  • She doesn’t love any sort of usual presents that most women love such as jewelry, clothes, or beautiful flowers.

She’s so picky about stuff such as that, & I constantly want to make sure that I really get her something that she honestly prefers as a present. The other afternoon when I was at her house, I observed firsthand that she was having some troubles with her temperature control unit. The a/c in her home was running & it was cooling off the house, however it seemed to me that she was going back & forth to the temperature control in the hallway for no reason every multiple minutes. I asked her what the problem was & she honestly said that she had been having some troubles with the temperature control keeping a fairly constant temperature in the house, however in the moment when she said that, I got a brilliant idea for a birthday gift for her. I had been reading a lot on an Heating, Ventilation & A/C blog about something called smart temperature controls in the HVAC industry. Smart temperature controls can learn your family’s schedules & quickly adjust accordingly so that you end up saving lots of money on your heating & cooling bills all the way throughout the year. Anyway, after that, I called to my local Heating, Ventilation & A/C contractor & had them help me choose just the perfect smart temperature control machine for my mom’s heating & cooling system. I’m excited to get her a smart temperature control for her birthday.

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