We were spoiled by the A/C in our vacation property

Our home is so much warmer than our vacation property was! I was not looking forward to going back to our main property on our last day of trip.

I almost let it ruin my last day of trip, despite the fact that I made the decision after an hour or so of moping that I would prefer my last day.

The main reason that I was legitimately worried to go back to my property was because our property doesn’t have a/c equipment, plus it gets so insanely hot. I had gotten a little bit used to it before the trip, but our beach property on the trip had central a/c equipment, plus the bunch of us got totally spoiled. It made myself and others realize just how much the bunch of us are missing without a/c equipment. I would even appreciate having a window a/c unit, but the bunch of us don’t have anything at the moment. I am going to try to convince my family that the bunch of us should invest in a couple window a/c units. I don’t really think that they would have listened to myself and others before this trip, but after having central a/c for the length of a week, I guess they will change their minds. I just may be able to convince them that the bunch of us need a/c equipment at the property. It is still a slim chance, but it is more of a chance than I had previously. We got back to our property from the trip a couple of mornings ago, plus the property is so warm. I have yet to mention a/c equipment. I am waiting for the right opportunity. The weather has been way cooler the last couple of days, so it hasn’t been a great time to bring up a/c equipment.

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