We used all parts of the body wellness center

On a vacation I sprung for the big suite in the high end hotel.

A portion of the hotel, plus factored into the costs, is the body wellness center. It combined a gym with almost a day spa. There were steam baths, saunas, hot tubs and massages to have. The other portion of the health plus wellness center was a high end fitness center. There were all sorts of machines, weights, space to do crunches plus even personal training provided. It was kind of neat since my wife plus I went to opposite ends of the wellness center. My wife spent most of the trip sitting in a hot tub or hanging out in the sauna. Occasionally she would treat herself to a massage. For me, I utilized the other portion of the center, the gym area. I spent my whole getaway trying out all the machines I have never tried before. I did a rowing machine, a moving stair, treadmill with no buttons and even tried an elliptical for the 1st time. I also did a bit of weight training plus on the last day tried a fitness class led by a certified fitness expert. I had an entirely great time. Between my wife and I, every portion of the body wellness center was used too. I see how the rich and the famous must like having personal gyms and spas at their homes. It entirely made our trip that much nicer. I liked starting our day right with a good sweat in.


Semi-Private Fitness Training