You can’t train the same way all the time

I enjoy looking up training methods and trying modern things in a work out.

I usually take a month to try the new fitness routine into my day to day work out.

Some things I entirely appreciate and keep forever, while others are just for fun and to do for a while. I have tried jump roping one month plus have discovered it is a great cardio activity. I now jump rope around 5 minutes each day for a quick heart pumping activity. I also tried boxing, gymnastics, yoga plus biking for a month before as well. It seems like every kind of training program has something to give me. With boxing I get to work my biceps with low weight plus not do the typical arm curl. Gymnastics is a great way to improve flexibility plus improve your balance and coordination. Yoga poses are good for core strength. Bike riding, while fun, has turned to be a great lower body workout as well. I guess mixing it up is crucial for staying healthy plus fit. Just like with anything, your body will get used to it. I don’t like the idea of my body getting used to riding a bike everyday plus then not working as hard. I change up each month to guarantee muscle confusion. If I am sore from an activity, I can count that as a job well done. That means muscles that are normally worked got used hard. I usually try to recreate that work out as often as possible too.

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