She really took my goal to heart

When I signed up for my group fitness class I had to tell the person what my goals were for the class.

What did I want to get by the end of the 3 month session? I choose to focus on my stomach.

I wanted to lose a few pounds and tone my tummy area. Now that I am partway through the session I am regretting that goal. I didn’t realize my personal trainer would actually read that goal plus take it to heart. The woman starts out class with a warm up, stretch plus heavy cardio event like tuck jumps. Every one of us then partner up for weightlifting stuff like tossing a medicine ball, using battle ropes or lifting weights with a helper. The end portion is where every one of us focuses on our fitness goals. So that means for the final 20 minutes of class I am doing straight crunches. The personal trainer gives me some kind of stomach exercise every five minutes. Sometimes I have to do quick reps. I need to do as many as I can in the rotation. Sometimes I am just doing holds for what seems like hours. At the end of every class my stomach hurts. I do not like doing crunches now. I do not like holding planks, doing tuck jumps or holding superman positions. I have lost quite a bit plus my stomach looks great. I would like to call it a day but my trainer thinks she can make me look better. I guess I will settle for good enough now.

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