Maybe I get too attached; cry when HVAC tech moves

I’ve only recently started learning about the idea of codependence.

My entire life, I realized that I felt very powerful emotions for other humans but I had never exactly understood the full extent of my dependence on other beings.

And then, my HVAC technician moved away. For the past 10 years I’ve been using the same local indoor air quality control repair shop. I love that the HVAC dealership is located right down the street so it’s easy to call them for emergency repairs or random maintenance appointments. I also love that they are the same heating and cooling repair shop that initially installed my central air quality control system. I’ve been using the same heating and cooling technician for this entire time. I feel like he knows my forced air furnace and air conditioning system better than I do. He’s been coming out to my house for so long that we barely even need to discuss my heating and cooling repair appointments at this point. And then, my favorite air quality control specialist told me that he would be relocating. Apparently, he needs to be closer to his family so he will be finding a new HVAC repair shop two states away. I was absolutely devastated by this news. When my favorite HVAC technician on the planet told me he was not going to take care of my central HVAC system anymore, I broke down sobbing. The next day in therapy, we spent the entire session talking about my obvious emotional attachment issues… and looking up new HVAC repair shops in the area.

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