Finally, an HVAC device that filters out COVID

I think the entire world has been waiting for some kind of solution to this terrible viral problem. Nobody ever could have anticipated that this infection would range across our world the way that it has. Unfortunately, the only measures that we’ve had to try to control it have relied on individual cooperation. Clearly, our country isn’t very good at that. Thank God, I just read an article the other day stating that a modern heating and cooling company had come up with a solution. They had developed an indoor air filtration device that could effectively eradicate the viral particles before they infected the indoor air. This is an amazing development because if there’s one thing we need right now, it’s a centralized air quality control system. Relying on individuals to manage the potentially contaminated air coming from their mouths is not working. There’s no doubt that we need a better indoor air handling device to effectively remove the tiny contaminants from the air before we are infected. I’ve heard that this new filtration device is as simple as a high-quality air filter. It manages to trap and deactivate viral particles before they can harm anyone. At the same time, the indoor air quality is being vastly improved by removing over 99% of airborne contaminants.To me, that sounds like the perfect solution to our current viral issue. If every public place could install high quality indoor air filtration devices, we might stand a fighting chance against this covid-19 disaster. Until then, I’ll stay home with my own HVAC devices.


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