Another reason not to have a wedding right now; AC breaks down

I’m really not sure why anybody is trying to force the end of the social distancing measures in our country.

It seems very clear that we are not past the threat of this looming of viral pandemic.

Clearly, it has been ravaging our states from the get-go. Now, people are insisting that we return back to normal life even though it’s very unsafe. I’ve been confused about this especially in regards to people holding large ceremonies, like weddings. One of my distant friends recently insisted on having her wedding during the brutal heat of July. It was extremely hot and humid outside by 8 in the morning. Nobody wanted to stand out in the terrific heat and muggy air. However, it’s not like they’re really a choice. We couldn’t go inside to experience any air conditioning relief because of the danger of transmitting the disease. As such, everyone stood out in the heat and suffered. Meanwhile, the bride was inside getting ready and enjoying the nice cool environment. Well, she was until the air conditioning system broke down. When the AC unit stopped operating, suddenly the situation became rather dire. The bride started panicking and freaking out about her discomfort in the heat and humidity outside. No one was sure what to do, because we couldn’t get a heating and cooling technician to the venue fast enough. In the end, we all suffered and sweated in the summer sun, 6ft apart. If you ask me, they should have just waited to have the wedding so they could safely celebrate their day with HVAC.

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