Turning on the heat for a bird

I’m the type that people might describe as a sucker.

I know that I have a problem with my large heart taking over.

Often, my emotions are overriding my logical brain. This is unfortunate for me and my bank account, but it’s very fortunate. At the moment, I’m fostering an adorable little dog. At the same time, I had a lost baby bird enter the picture a few days ago. I didn’t want to accept the responsibility of the baby bird, but there was nothing I could do. Now, I’m sitting at home burning up inside of my house. You see me, when you have baby animals you have to worry about heat. They are so small and delicate that they can’t produce enough body heat on their own. As such, it’s necessary to give them some external source of comfort. Normally, I would use a heating pad to keep my baby animals warm. Unfortunately, when I tried to use my heating pad to warm up this little baby I found that it was broken. No matter what I did, I couldn’t find any warmth coming from the heating pad. Because it’s the dead of Summer, I had been using air conditioning inside of my house. Of course, that environment was going to be too cold. I decided I had to turn on my furnace. As the outdoor air temperature dropped at night, it became too cold inside the house and I adjusted the HVAC system from cooling to heating. I’ve been burning up all night. My dog is very confused and so is my HVAC system.


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