My neighbor’s kids are trouble

My neighbor’s kids are nothing but trouble.

I’ve seen them get into close encounters with the police, have shady looking meetings with people and I’ve seen them snooping around my yard.

Until then, they have never actually messed with me, if only it could have stayed that way. A couple of weeks ago, I caught them on my back porch staring in my house like the creepers they are. I yelled at them to get off my property like an old man, but they came back a few days later, this time stealing a board game and a few decorations I had left out on the porch. I knew it was them, although I couldn’t prove it so the police wouldn’t accept my case. They would harass me in other simple ways, like putting their dog’s mess on my porch step. I decided that I would install cameras, and I am so glad I did. I woke this morning and saw the entire side of my house was vandalized, with spray painted curse words scribbled messily all over the side of my house, the windows and even my a/c system. I looked back at the footage on my camera, and it showed them clear as day, spraying my house. It even got them to stop and stare at the air conditioner, before they decided to spray the A/C unit as well. I happily went to the police and showed them the footage, including what they did to my cooling system, then I physically showed them the evidence with my house and the air conditioner. The boys were arrested, and I am glad to finally get some peace around here. Hopefully they have learned a valuable lesson.


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