A brand new humidifier

My good buddy has finally purchased herself a humidifier.

I had been trying to get my best friend to begin using a humidifier for almost three months.

I kept telling him about how having a humidifier helped improve my health plus sleep, but he just ignored me most of the time. I didn’t deliver due to the fact that I entirely wanted him to try using a humidifier. I love her, plus I hated seeing him so sick all of the time, and he had trouble with having a stuffy nose plus sort of a frigid all year round. I told him that it may have been because of how dry the air is in his house. I had the same issue for several years until I began utilizing a humidifier. I entirely wanted to see if using a humidifier would help my friend as well. I offered to let him use my humidifier for a few evenings just to see if it would help, but he would not take me up on my offer. I sort of just stopped talking about it for a while! One morning about 2 weeks ago, my friend messaged me and told me that he had just ordered a humidifier. I got entirely excited. She has been using a humidifier for about a week now, plus he is so excited because it has entirely improved his health already. She apologized for not listening to me sooner, however I didn’t care. I am just glad that the humidifier is helping her out. I was pretty sure it would help her, however I am glad that my theory is confirmed.


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