I’m working at the hospital all week

I have been working at the hospital most of the week and I am going to be there Thursday, Friday, and all next week. I don’t mind working at the hospital./ They provide breakfast and lunch, and everyone is kind and courteous. Since I am certified to fix and repair ventilation equipment, I am deemed an essential worker. I am getting paid extra to work in the hospital. A few of my co-workers had the opportunity to take the job as well, but most of them have been fearful. Since I don’t live near my parents or have any children, there is very little risk for me to infect anyone other than myself. I weighed all of the pros and cons and decided the risk was worth the reward. Every two weeks, I can move to a different hospital. Since the hospital is a subcontractor, I make a lot more money than I would on a normal heating or cooling job. I also qualify for hazard pay in this county and the state adds another 10% to my weekly stipend. Until the virus is completely gone and eradicated, our entire HVAC is probably going to be busy. I work in a company with 29 additional employees, but only six of us are certified to evaluate and repair ventilation equipment. The hospital has a few employees of their own, but most of them are running around the building trying to take care of patients. We all have to come together as a team if we want to successfully knock this out virus once and for all.

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