She’s sneaky, I’ll give her that

The best locale in my apartment to take a nap is right directly in front of the air vent. My recliner is facing that air vent, and I am the only one who is actually allowed to nap in that recliner. Even our pet knows not to get into my recliner. She does often, however, take up residence on the table stand next to the chair. She is this very sweet furry little thing that cares about the air conditioning. She lies on that tiny table and lets the A/C flow through her hair. She looks like a puff ball by the time she is ready to get up from her perch, stretch and transport around a bit. But I had to go out on an errand the other morning. When I left the house, the sweet pet was curled up on the side table. She had her head in her paws and she was just happily napping quietly. I went to the city and worked on my chores. It was the dead middle of another long, hot, southern summertime. The temperature at that time was ninety-eight degrees, and the humidity was tropical. Every single breath felt like you were breathing in the breath of a dragon. Two and a half hours in the sunshine was like being out for five days during the Spring. I was breathless and just wanted to sink into my chair and carefully relax in the air conditioning. I unlocked the door and quietly stepped back into the residing room. I couldn’t think it was real when I saw my pet moving from my chair to her spot. I wondered how often she had taken up my chair when I got up, only to quickly transport her butt away when she heard myself and others coming.
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