The air inside is stagnant and warm

I’ve been trying to save money each month by lowering my energy bill.

It’s not easy to lower the energy bill, and I am taking a few different steps to help the process. I no longer run the HVAC unit during the day when I am at work. I usually turn off the system in the morning before I leave for work. I have a smart thermostat in my house, so I can turn on the AC or furnace a few minutes before I arrive home. Even though I paid $150 for the smart thermostat, I save energy and money everyday by using this special device. Before I switched to a smart thermostat, the air inside of my home was always stagnant and warm by the time I arrived home. I didn’t want to leave the HVAC unit running all day, but I didn’t like coming home to an uncomfortable situation. I thought it would be better to spend a few dollars on a smart thermostat than to continue to be uncomfortable. The smart thermostat has really changed a lot of my life. I don’t worry so much about the money I spend each month, because I have the heat and AC off during the day. At night, I can lower the temperature by two or three degrees. I prefer the cold air for sleeping and I don’t have to feel guilty for spending the extra money. As long as I have everything off during the day, it will be affordable to run the AC a little lower each night.

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