It was a fateful evening

I found a modern radio station that plays nothing but disco all day and night.

I was never someone who loved disco, but the dance craze took myself and others back to my younger years. I had a lot of fun going to the discos at the time. I wasn’t the best dancer and I completely killed the hustle. I met my partner at the disco. She laughed when I tried to do a quick break dance while dancing with her. The only thing I did break was my pants, and my jockey shorts were blowing in the breeze after that wise move. I was so embarrassed, but I had to laugh with her. She handed myself and others her number… and for the next two years she helped myself and others through my HVAC certification classes, while I helped her through her Lamaze classes. She was then helping myself and others with all the details to get through the opening of my HVAC corporation. It has been a long, particularly hard life for us, but we’ve survived it with laughter and love. Next month, I’m happy to say our little girl is getting married to one of the HVAC specialists that I hired a few years ago. She never thought she would get married because she didn’t feel anyone in town would want a female HVAC specialist. I found out she was having a sappy disco song play at her wedding for our father-daughter dance. I wonder if her mother had something to do with that? Without that woman I wouldn’t have one of the top HVAC companies in our area, or had an amazing daughter.


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