All of us had concerns with power outages.

Our culture relies a lot on our Heating, Ventilation, and A/C units to keep us comfortable and ecstatic, but our Heating, Ventilation, and A/C units rely on our power to keep them running; Our neighborhood was having random power outages that would occur usually on the hottest part of the day, and the coolest part of the evening.

Around noon, when the daylight is out and it’s truly hot, the power would go out and everyone in the neighborhood would lose their central a/cs for a few minutes, but some mornings would be worse than others, care about when it’s over a single hundred degrees outside and then the power goes out and you no longer have air conditioning to keep you from melting, then the same problem would happen on some evenings when it was the most cool.

Families would wake up in the middle of the night chilly because the power would go out and then the oil furnace would stop working… Just the other night the power went out and our neighbors got so exasperated that they almost decided to sue the electric corporation. Many of the people in the neighborhood started buying generators so they could still use their a/cs and heating systems when they needed them most. Finally the electrical corporation came and fixed the problem with the power. The whole neighborhood was so ecstatic to have their air conditioning and oil furnace back that they had a party for it. All of us even had to hire a special Heating, Ventilation, and A/C professional to come and service any a/c or oil furnace that was damaged by the random power outages.

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