I guess I’ll go study in the library

There’s nothing like being a student.

Not only is it a fun and exciting time in your life when you are filling your head with amazing new knowledge, but it’s incredibly overwhelming and stressful. I feel like I never stopped having work to do because there’s always something new to learn for a class. I can never let down my guard or I face the risk of letting my grades slip after all the hard work that I put in. That’s why, even though my house is in complete disarray I have no choice but to continue doing my homework and taking online quizzes. As you know, it’s been an extremely hot and humid summer so far. The outdoor climate has been overwhelmingly oppressive for the past several months now. Every day, I’m actually a little grateful that I have so much indoor work to do, because the outdoor air is not calling my name. Until… It started forcing its way into the house. My central heating and cooling system broke down the other day and immediately the outdoor climate started over taking my indoor air. It became so hot and humid inside that I couldn’t think straight. No matter what I did, the air conditioning system wouldn’t start back up and I knew a professional repair service was imminent. I finally called the HVAC repair shop up the street in a range for a professional inspection. They told me it would be at least 3 days before they could get a cooling technician out to the house. Well, what am I supposed to do now? I can’t cool off on my homework. I guess I will go try to work in the free air conditioning of the library


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