Date came over, but abandoned me for HVAC

Sometimes I wonder about the people that I’m attracted to.

At first, they seem like they’re really interested in me but it’s only a matter of time before their attention slips.

Suddenly, I can’t seem to get ahold of them or get a response no matter what I do. I’m used to this happening in my romantic relationships after a few months… But I’ve never had somebody lose interest on our first date. This is exactly what happened the other day when I invited a Tinder match over to my house. The guy seemed like a real catch. He was handy and mechanically minded, because he was a certified heating and cooling technician for a major air quality control dealership. He was very personable from all of his experience interacting with HVAC clients during emergency heating and cooling repair services. In general, I thought that he was a good guy and an interesting dinner guest. Unfortunately, I must not have been as intriguing. But my heating and cooling system was. Within 20 minutes of arriving at my home, my heating and cooling expert disappeared into the basement. He told me that he wanted to check out a strange sound that he was hearing emanating from the air ducts. After he went down there and started looking at the HVAC system, I couldn’t get him to come back up. I went down to see if he was okay and found that he was taking my entire forced air furnace apart. He spent the rest of the evening in my dank basement, diagnosing my furnace and ductwork while I called down from the top of the stairs. I ate dinner alone and deleted his number before he even came back to the main floor.



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