I miss my work, for one reason

I know a lot of people who are extremely upset about the idea of going back into public. I understand that folks are unhappy about going back to their daily commutes and obligatory appearances at social events. I feel some of that too. I’m also not excited about the potential of being infected with coronavirus after effectively dodging the threat for so many months. Frankly, it makes our quarantine effort completely worthless if we go back too early. I will say, there’s one reason that I’m a little excited to return to the office. That’s the indoor air quality. I was working in a massive, modern office building downtown with the best commercial HVAC equipment and technicians I’ve ever known. Every time we had some kind of indoor air quality problem, it was like our HVAC experts could detect the fluctuation in indoor air quality before we could. They would appear at the office with all of their HVAC repair tools in hand and the commercial air quality devices would be finely tuned before we even noticed the uneven hot and cold temperatures. The air conditioning system was amazingly powerful and did a fantastic job filtering out all of the human smells in the air. The enormous boiler system provided completely even and energy efficient heat to the office, even when you were near a drafty window. I was always cool, calm, and comfortable when I was working in that fantastic HVAC system. Since I’ve been at home, I haven’t had the same experience with air temperature control. My work has been distracted and I have been uncomfortable. I’m ready to go back to my favorite HVAC system on earth… Whether or not anybody else reports back.


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