The smell of pizza ruins my diet

You really have to be careful who you are around if you’re trying to make changes in your life.

The people that you associate with will greatly determine how you behave in the world.

Even if you are trying to make changes in your life, your personal influences can stunt all of your growth if you aren’t cautious. I’ve been finding this out the hard way as I’ve attempted to start a strict diet to improve my health and my life, overall. I started noticing that I was gaining weight a couple of years ago. I didn’t get serious about making changes until the day I received a very high energy bill. That’s when I realized, I was setting my thermostat so low everyday and abusing my central cooling system because my body was overheated due to excessive insulation. I needed to reduce the amount of fat that was holding in my heat so I could naturally cool down instead of demanding that the air conditioning system work day in and day out. Well, it hasn’t been very easy to maintain my strict diet because of my roommates. They are constantly in the kitchen, cooking delicious and un-nutritious food. No matter where I go in the house, the smells travel through the indoor air and tempt me away from my diet. The problem is, our air return vent is located right near the kitchen. Whenever the central HVAC system is running, it effectively delivers the smell of nachos, pizza, and cookies directly to my bedroom through the expensive air duct network. I don’t know what I’m going to do about these airborne temptations ruining my diet, but I also can’t afford to keep living this way.
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