The dehumidifier in the basement is great

Sometimes I start to feel guilty and wish that I could be more honest with my mom, she and I have a pretty good relationship at this point, however there are still some things that I don’t talk to her about, and one of those things is smoking pot.

We often talked about the various ways that both of us try to keep our mental health in order and keep our insomnia reduced at night.

Well, my preferred method is THC, I have to smoke a bowl every night before I go to sleep or it’s not going to work. Staying at my mom’s house, this makes things rather complicated, but all I can say is thank God she has a dehumidifier in the basement and the humidity removing air handling component does a good job of filtering the air at the same time. I always stay in the basement at my mom’s place because it’s ice cold. I like to have my privacy and our own separate air conditioner. Additionally, it gives me some protection when I need to hit my bedtime bowl. My mom has a small dehumidifier located in the basement area which has been a lifesaver for me, and not only to keep the indoor air temperature even cooler, it also provides excellent background noise when the dehumidifier is running all night. Additionally, I was very pleased to find that the filtration system installed on the dehumidifier does a fairly good job removing my smokey smells from the air. Before I was cranking up the dehumidifier to keep my air pollution under wraps, I absolutely wasn’t sleeping well at night… out of fear for her scorn.