Wanting privacy from neighbor

The house next door to mine reMEd vacant for quite a few years! Although our hubby as well as I weren’t happy with the neglected condition of the property, all of us enjoyed the quiet as well as privacy.

All of us allowed a heavy screen of vines, bamboo as well as other orangeery to grow up along the property line.

About numerous weeks ago, a guy obtained the acquaintance house. His first project was thinning out the vegetation separating our houses, then despite having no central air conditioning, a leaking roof as well as broken windows, his priority was opening up the tree line… My hubby as well as I hoped that he was just trimming branches! Instead, he removed bigger trees, chopped down shrubs as well as destroyed our privacy. I don’t want a view of his ugly house. I don’t want to wave to our acquaintance every time I step out our front door. My hubby as well as I discussed our many options as well as decided a privacy fence was the best solution. All of us chose to hire a professional fencing supplier to get the task done right as well as completed quickly. The fencing supplier has experience with local laws as well as regulations. They have the machinery to put up the fence safely as well as ensure its stability as well as longevity. Although there are lots of fencing materials available, all of us decided to go with wood because of the price. The wood fence was way more economical than vinyl as well as yet provides the same level of concealment. All of us needed such a long length of fence that this was the only option for our budget. All of us are absolutely ecstatic with the look as well as function of the fence. The upkeep is minimal. All of us simply spray the fence with a sealant every Springtime as well as so far, it’s ran tests on a like-new appearance.

Chain Link Fence Installation