air conditioning system turns off at night

I used to cherish working the graveyard shift in a call center.

You get entirely few calls plus management is apartment asleep in bed, however they’re not there to bug me, and however, recently, the crucial boss had a current smart control unit installed to control our HVAC system, unfortunately, the smart control unit is locked plus only the crucial boss can adjust it.

The smart control unit is set to a comfortable 73 degrees all day long. However, it turns off at night; So I have no air conditioning most of my shift, however i have told my supervisors about this problem however they cannot change the control unit themselves. They’ve talked to the crucial boss, or so they tell me, however he has not done anything about it. So every night, the a/c turns off plus stays off until about an hour before I’m busy to leave, even though it’s night, it’s still entirely moderate outside plus this makes it moderate inside… When I get moderate I get tired, but obviously it’s also uncomfortable. I started putting the idea out there that maybe I could labor from home. I have control of my control unit at apartment plus I don’t see why I could not answer calls just as easily from my own home. That would be ideal, however my supervisors said they are thinking about it although I don’t know what that means. They need to do something though. Either repair the air conditioning system or let me labor in the comfort of my own air conditioning system. If they don’t, I’m going to have to look for a current job.