I can hear my coworkers HVAC system on calls

Last week officially marks one year we have been working from home.

  • I know most people have been working from home for about a year too and it’s crazy to think we’re still here.

Last year when my manager told me that I was going to start working from home I honestly thought it would be two months tops. Tops. However, It’s officially been a year and there are a few things I can take away from my time at home. For one I have decided that I really hate my coworker Jen’s heating and cooling system. I know that might sound like a random thing to hate but I can hear the heating and cooling system on every call that we have. I think he must have her thermostat set at sixty because her air conditioning is always blasting. It’s wild to me that she lets his air-conditioning go on like this during important calls with her boss, but I guess to each their own. I told myself that I would speak with Jen about her heating and cooling system and how loud it is on every call, but it just never was the right time. We’ve all been dealing with so much at home and I don’t want to make Jen feel uncomfortable because I can hear her heating and cooling system. However, I do think it would be beneficial if she knew that her heating and cooling system is so loud that it was distracting me on our calls. Maybe if we do work from home a little bit longer then I will actually say something to her but I just don’t know that it’s worth it at this point, we really don’t have that much longer to work at home. At least I really hope we don’t have that much longer to work at home because I am getting quite sick of it to be honest. If I was in the office you’d be able to joke around about the air conditioning in the office email but because we’re working from home we have to be PC.

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