Husband decides to do repairs himself

My husband loves a home project.

  • I have never met a man that likes to do things around the house more than my husband.

Do you know most men don’t like to do manual labor, even though I know that’s a big generalization. However, my husband is not like normal men and he loves to do things around the house that most men would not like to do. So, when we found out that our heating and cooling system wasn’t working last week and it needed to be replaced, my husband decided that he would buy all the parts that were needed for the heating and cooling system and replace them himself. I told my husband this would be more than just an HVAC repair, but he insisted that he would be able to complete the HVAC insulation and we didn’t need to call a local HVAC company because he would handle it. My husband is a real go-getter and you have to admire this quality about him, but I think he has taken on more than he realizes when it comes to the heating and cooling system. I am just going to tell my husband to do what he wants because I know in the end it will be better for both of us for him to have his way. My husband is a great sport and I know that he will do what he thinks is best for our family and if he can’t do it then in the end he will hire someone that he knows can do the job.

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