Choosing a cooling system for current addition

My husband in addition to I recently invested into a big addition for our home.

With three small children in addition to a dog, our residing space had become cramped.

My buddy and I wanted each of the kids to have their own dining room. I was interested in another lavatory in addition to more closet space. My husband wanted a dining room included, then once my friend and I designed an adequate layout for the addition, my friend and I needed to figure out how to handle temperature control! Living in Largo, FL, the cooling system is a necessity. The a/c is responsible for hot in addition to cold temperatures in the nineties or triple digits in addition to excess humidity. My buddy and I were distraught about sacrificing a lot of space for cooling equipment. My buddy and I discussed extending the HVAC duct of the main part of the home to include the addition however distraught our current a/c wouldn’t be able to keep up with the added square footage. I eventually consulted with a local HVAC contractor, who recommended a ductless multi split system. This type of system consists of a single outdoor compressor that attachs to numerous indoor air handlers. Each air handler features an independent thermostat that allows for zone control. Ductless a/cs are charmingly energy efficient, compact in addition to quiet. The installation requires little more than a small hole in an exterior wall in addition to access to electricity. The system includes inverter technology that automatically adapts output to the demands of the room. By providing the precise amount of cooling required at any given time, the ductless cooling unit uses less energy in addition to maintains a legitimately even indoor temperature. My buddy and I are legitimately enthusiastic with the current a/c installation for our addition.


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