Admitting a mistake can be difficult

When finding something online is so easy, why should you take the time to travel to the store to find the best deal.

The same can be said for corporations to do the work for you.

They are everywhere and on so more than 2 sites that there is no reason to go meet with them at their office. To me that just seems like a waste of time and gas in my car. I put out a request for bids on re-insulating my attic and fixing the leaks in the HVAC duct that was up there. I explained what I was looking for in detail and then let people provide me quotes on completing the task. Of course I went with the lowest bid, wouldn’t you? Well I have had nothing but headaches since that time. Not only did the guy show up two afternoons late, he has not finished the task respectfully and the cost is more than he quoted. My family is furious at me and my child keeps telling me that the guy seems sketchy. He said that he worked for a local Heating as well as Air Conditioning supplier and was doing the task on the side to make extra currency. He also said that he could get the replacement parts for the HVAC duct at cost, none of that turned out to be true. When I started to suppose something was up I called the supplier and asked about him and they said they had fired him long ago. As much as I hated to disclose that I had made a mistake in hiring him I entirely had no choice. I needed to make sure that my family was safe and the task was done respectfully. I fired the guy I had hired and contacted the man that was listed on a locale that was insured, had a five star rating and more than 2 purchaser reviews that were favorable.

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