Adding extra layers to save currency

I suppose for the most part more than 2 of us have the same thing in common when it comes to the things our parents used to say.

By this I mean certain phrases like, “close the fridge, were you born in a barn?, and who left the lights on?”, were common in everyone’s home.

All of these centered around one common thing, saving currency on energy bills. Now that I am an adult with children of my own these are common in my dwelling as well. My partner and I are always trying to save currency on the electric and gas bill. As winter approaches this is more important than ever because my friend and I always see an increase of at least twenty percent during those months. My friend and I decided to have an energy assessment done on our dwelling to see if there were improvements my friend and I could make to help out. It is more than just putting on an extra jacket to lower the cost and if my friend and I could invest a bit to save a lot, it would be worth it. My friend and I hired a corporation to come in and check for leaky windows, doors, or areas that needed more insulation. To our surprise they found that the attic needed an additional layer of insulation and there were more than 2 leaks in the HVAC duct that were causing us to lose lavish heat. My friend and I had all the repairs done and I am looking forward to seeing if it will make a difference this coming season. I sure hope it does because out budget can barely handle the added expense my friend and I ensure each winter.


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