Catching up with an old friend

He was certainly right about that

I was really happy when I got in touch with an old friend who I hadn’t spoken to in a long time. We were always the best of friends and we decided it would be nice to get together and catch up on things. I ended up going to his house even though it was roughly an 8 hour drive. He said we could have some BBQ and just relax and have a good time. I was impressed with his house and I couldn’t believe it when I realized that he had radiant heated floors. I asked him how much it cost to get the radiant heated floors, and he said he wasn’t sure because they just came with the place. He explained that he didn’t actually own the house, he was only renting. I said that must be nice because the landlord would have to take care of all of the household maintenance and repairs. At my house, if something goes wrong, it all comes out of my pocket. He said it was nice if you looked at it in that respect, but it was also a hassle just to get the landlord to take care of things. He said he also didn’t like the fact that he was throwing away his money on rent when he would rather be putting his money into some kind of property as an investment. He was certainly right about that. I had been living in my home for roughly 6 years and my property value increased a great deal since I first bought the place. When I end up selling my home, I will have a rather hefty profit. The radiant heated floors were awesome though and I told him that I might actually contact the HVAC company when I got back home so that I could figure out the cost of radiant heated floors.


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