Devastating news that made matters worse.

In the wake of the recent storms, many people have lost just about everything.

Flood waters, winds, and torrential rain have left many without homes to return to.

Most are just thankful to have escaped with their lives. There are some that were not so fortunate. Anyway, my Aunt’s house was one of the few that sustained damage but not so much that it was a total loss. Furniture and flooring on the lower level will need to be replaced but the upstairs was virtually untouched. As we were starting the cleanup, miraculously, the power came back on. I thought that was great because the temperatures outside were in the upper eighties and all I wanted to do was turn on the air conditioner. My Aunt has one of those wall mounted ones so I figured it would still work since the water level had been below that. Well, I didn’t realize that there was an outside unit as well and it had been under water for sure. The air handler that is outside was completely ruined. Worse yet was the fact that her homeowners policy did not cover the replacement of appliances. They told her that she could have added a rider for that but she never did. Now she will be stuck footing the bill for the replacement of the outside unit and will have no air conditioning until an HVAC technician can come make the repairs. I feel really bad for her and have to admit that I was really glad to head back home after helping out for a few days.

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