Does my HVAC manufacturer even exist anymore

When we purchased our home over thirty years ago it had a brand new boiler installed. We live in an area where winters are mild so it gets very little use. For all of these reasons we never had it replaced. It is a simple hot water system so we never really had it serviced on a regular basis either. Looking back this may have been a mistake. When it failed on us a few weeks ago, I placed a call to the local HVAC repair shop to have a technician sent to the house. The young man arrived and took one look at it and called his boss. He had never even heard of the brand we had so he had no clue where to start. I pulled out the owners manual for him and then began to research online to find out if the company even existed anymore. When I typed in the brand I was surprised to find that the original company had changed names several times over the years. The new name was a commonly known household brand and it said that they did still have parts for the system that I had. I gave the information to the technician and he was able to order the ones he needed. Through buyouts and restructuring many large manufactures change hands but with a bit of searching you can usually find the new name. When large companies change hands they usually acquire all of the trademarks and equipment to produce items for the models that were sold under the previous name.
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