Why radiant heat may be a better choice

Working as a salesman is tough.

Most times people just shut you down before you have the time to really present your products to them.

I can’t say as I blame them because there are so many scams out there that people have become skeptical of anyone that wants their money. My job is a bit different too because I work in Marketing for an HVAC company. When a client is in need of a new or upgraded system it is my job to go out and access the space then make recommendations based on their needs. Just walking in the door my customers know that it is going to cost upwards of a thousand dollars in many cases. Many people are not looking forward to spending the money but know that it is a necessary thing. There is one particular system that I try to sell that takes a bit more convincing. In my opinion radiant flooring is the best way to go when it comes to complete comfort in a home. There are no messy air ducts to keep clean, dust is at a minimum because the air is not blowing around all the time and the days of cold drafty floors are in the past once the system is installed. The system also requires little maintenance. The downside of the installation is that flooring must be changed in order to put the system in. The upfront expense and hassle of doing this is a hard sell for sure. I try to stress the efficiency of the system and how great the house will feel with nice even heating and in some cases this works. Many times people will at least consider it but in the end simply don’t want to make that major of a change.

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