There is never a great time to tell someone bad news. Sporadically people will wait a long time to tell someone bad news. This is because they are waiting for a great moment. I assume the sooner you tell someone the better; You need to tell them so they know and can transfer on. They need to transfer on as soon as possible. You hear the bad news and then you decide what you are going to do. I do not care how bad of a mood I am in. My Heating and A/C serviceman does not always have great news for me, but qUite often she has bad news for me. That is what I call him for though. I know that there is bad news. One morning she delivered some pretty bad news to me about my system. There was a compressor part that needed to be upgraded. It had been broken for awhile and caused other parts to become defective as well. I would not have known this though because I could not see any signs of something wrong, then anyway, she told me that to service the system and to upgrade the parts it would cost a lot of cash. If I wanted the system to work officially the cash would have to be spent. I spent the cash and moved on. I tried to decide how I was going to budget my cash for the rest of the month. Spending unexpected cash is not ideal… Regular tune ups usually take care of the problem of Extra spending cash went down the drain towards my Heating and A/C system

Every time I get cash I end up in a retail store somehow.

  • I always end up buying new clothes that I do not entirely want.

I do not know how this works. I know that I genuinely do not need more clothes. I especially like to buy gym clothes. They are just so comfy The only thing is that gym clothes are quite costly. They are sometimes more costly than casual everyday clothes, and last month I was not able to end up in a retail store. I had no cash to buy anything. I had a lot of unexpected repairs. I needed to budget my cash. one of the unexpected repairs was with my Heating and A/C system. I had been told that official tune up appointments usually take care of this problem. I have heard this although I never entirely payed any attention to it. I did not assume I would have any troubles. There I was with Heating and A/C system troubles. I spent a lot of cash mostly for the visit from the Heating and A/C serviceman. It was late night service because I needed it to be fixed right away. I paid a lot more cash than I would have liked. I was glad though that the Heating and A/C businesses offer a 24 hour emergency service. I do not appreciate that it is super costly though. I paid for it and I knew that was my extra spending cash for the month. I would not be able to afford anything else. Thankfully the problem was fixed before morning and I had no other troubles with the system.

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