Moving store location and seeing a brand new heating ventilation and cooling system

The company that I currently work for wants to go in a different direction.

They want to continue to keep certain food stores open that are making them money and the stores that we are losing money in they want to close.

It’s logical in this sense. I wouldn’t want to keep stores open that were making me lose money. One of the strategies that the CEO and president wanted to do was move one of our stores that is located on a busy street and rent out a newer space that is across the street and in a plaza. I think this will certainly help with profits because this plaza has heavy foot traffic. I was able to tour this new spot with some other people from management and there were a lot of windows and the ceiling was exposed where you could see the ductwork. There was a decent amount of ductwork and the ductwork wasn’t the hard steel that you normally see it was flexible ductwork. I was impressed because it was a brand new ductwork system and HVAC system that was installed just a few months ago. Knowing that there was new heating, ventilation and air conditioning installed was reassuring because you know that there would be very minimal heating and cooling issues. I think if we moved into this space it will be a dramatic difference in temperature control for our customers and employees because we are constantly using the ceiling fans to stay cool during the summer due to the fact that the current air conditioning system is not reliable and will only work on certain days. Moving into a newer space with an updated HVAC system will truly help with the profit in this store location.

a/c worker