Knowing when to have your air ducts clean

During the summer time it’s always a time for me to clean out my home and have fun outside.

I like to clean out my basement and my attic which is full of items that I don’t use anymore.

I will donate the items that I don’t use to my local thrift store. I always know that these items are going to a good home because people around my area don’t have a lot of money. This is because the economy where I live is not very great. There isn’t a lot of job opportunities and if it does it does not pay very well. In the summer I also like to have my HVAC system maintained. I will call my HVAC technician to have him take a look at it. Before my HVAC technician came to my home I turned on my air conditioning system for the first time this summer. Once I turned on my air conditioning unit through my thermostat I could feel the cold air coming out of the air register. But once I looked down I could see dust and other particles bursting out. That’s when I realized that I needed to call my HVAC provider. My HVAC provider told me that the reason why there was dust coming out was because my air ducts were dirty. He asked me when I installed my HVAC system and ductwork, I told him about ten years ago. He said that I was well overdue for a ductwork cleaning. In less than an hour my ductwork was cleaned and I had very minimal dust in my home.


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