Mother in law and HVAC troubles

It was clear that the HVAC equipment was not up to the task

I’ve never gotten along with my mother in law. And that has really not changed an iota since he moved down here. My father in law passed away a few years ago. He was honestly a great guy and my friend and I had a nice relationship. My partner was devastated by the loss. But my mother in law was simply sad about upgrading the HVAC equipment so he could sell that house. Look, my friend and I all deal with grief in our own particular way. But that seemed rather unattached to me. Yet, that’s sort of an encapsulation of the way that guy can be. Once he got the current HVAC unit installed in his home, he sold it for a really great price. Before the closing even happened, he had a smaller home picked out that was just ten minutes from us. The HVAC emphasis here is much more unusual than where he lived all his life. Up there, it was all about the HVAC heating. Down here of course, it’s not so much about the heating. The Summer and the HVAC cooling are the big deals around here. When he was buying the home down here, I tried to provide my input since I’d been through it a few times in this region. It was clear that the HVAC equipment was not up to the task. But like always, he thought I was just being an idiot. That’s always nice to get from your mother in law who lives right around the corner, right? So when the HVAC unit promptly stopped working right after he moved in, I almost decided that could be his problem. Loving my partner muffled my stance and I helped arrange for the best HVAC corporation to take care of his heating and cooling needs.


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