The HVAC technician told me the best filters to buy for my allergies

I don’t mind taking advice from professionals.

  • In fact, that’s the best way for me to get good information when I need help.

I try to go to forums on the internet where I know there are experts ready to respond to my requests. A lot of people use forums on Reddit for instance to find help for various technical questions. When I wanted to fix my guitar for instance, I went to a subreddit that was geared towards guitar repairmen and luthiers. The people there weren’t particularly nice to me because I was a novice but they still helped me with my question. When I needed help with my computer, I went to a forum there that was geared towards computer repair and technical support. But it’s not just that which brings me to the internet looking for answers to my questions. Recently I wanted to know about better air conditioner filters that would be geared towards my allergies. Mike cheap air conditioner filters aren’t filtering out all of the allergens in my indoor air. I learned from a friend that a better air conditioner filter would probably lead towards better hair quality in my house, but he didn’t know exactly which one to recommend. That’s why I reached out to an HVAC technician on the internet to find a better air filter for my house. He showed me the exact make and model of the air conditioner filter that I should probably try. Thankfully for me, it was available at a nearby hardware store. I went out and bought it the same exact day and put it into my HVAC system.


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