The afternoon a portable space boiler came out of the yellow

I have one more story to write before I take the train to go & meditate in the forest with the cats.

This week is not as warm as other afternoons, so I think me & the cats will be fine. In the section where I live, we’ve been having heatwaves, & as a consequence, my associate and I haven’t been able to do all the things my associate and I usually do. This week, my bandmate is worn out, so instead of playing songs, I will chill out in the forest instead. The trains are equipped with good-quality cooling systems now, & the scenery is magnificent, so traveling is a pleasant experience. I promised my partner I would search for a HEPA filter online today, however I don’t think I will get round to it. Sometimes it’s best to just let things come to you without any effort… Like when I was tied up about having to get a modern portable space heater. I was looking for hours on end & could not decide which model to get. In the end, I gave up searching. Then, it turned out that my father-in-law received a modern electric fireplace as a birthday present; She then gave me her portable space heater, as she didn’t need it anymore. These sorts of things have happened to me several times & make me wonder if there is more to life than my associate and I think. Maybe I should tell my partner this when she nags me to get that HEPA filter. But I don’t think it would toil since our indoor air quality is pretty awful & a good-quality air filter is urgently needed.


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