Nobody spoke about the air conditioner

I enjoyed where I work and I could not imagine working somewhere else, or doing anything differently in my life, but not only have I been here for ten years, although I hoped to be here until retirement.

Last month, that feeling of love for my job and job location ended.

I walked to work one afternoon, and all my energy was zapped. It was so hot and humid outside that I could barely breathe. I was smiling only because I knew when I got inside the building, the air conditioner would be working and I would be cool and comfortable again. Unfortunately, I walked into the building and it was more humid inside than outside. I asked the maintenance guy when they were going to service the air conditioner, and he shrugged. I went into the HR office and told him our working conditions were horrible, and they needed to service the air conditioner, however he shrugged and said it would be fixed when the new corporation owner gave him the go-ahead. I caused the current business owner to comment and knew it was time to go. If they would not allow us to have good Heating and A/C in our building, or had to know about having the air conditioner repaired, it wasn’t somewhere where I wanted to work. They didn’t care about their employees..An hour later, I had sweat running between my shoulder blades, and my blouse was wet. I saw numerous people falling asleep at their desks, because of the lack of air conditioning. I packed up my desk and was heading out of the office when the head of HR stopped me. She said the HVAC serviceman would be there in less than an hour.

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