Hiring a professional plumber for jammed drains

When I first noticed slow moving drains in my home, I hoped that I was mistaken, however i kept thinking the problem would repair itself.

Unluckyly, the blockage worsened… Whenever a family member took a shower, there would be standing water in the tub, and this left a ring of soap scum that required constant scrubbing, every time I did a few dishes in the sink, it took forever for the dirty water to drain.

Every sink, tub plus shower in the cabin was always in need of cleaning. I finally tried a combination of baking soda, white vinegar plus warm water. I’d study online that it was a safe way to clean the drains. It helped a bit for about a week or so. I then tried plunging the numerous drains, plus I guess I annoyed the problem. I was genuinely reluctant to call a licensed plumber because of the expense! However, pouring chemical drain cleaners into the pipes wasn’t successful, plus I was upset about the potential for greater complications. With no other choice, I eventually busy repair from a local plumbing dealer. They agreed to send someone over that same morning. The plumber showed up right on time plus was appealingly professional. He wore shoe coverings to avoid tracking through my home. He used a manual drain snake. It is a long auger-like tool that rotates slowly as it’s pushed into the drain plus through a stubborn clog. It has a hook on the end of the device that works to pull out globs of soap scum plus hair. He also utilized a video line inspection that revealed the infiltration of tree roots into the main drain line underground.

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